Contribute dropshiponauction - Contribute

Dropship on Auction invites readers to contribute to the magazine.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. Gather some thoughts and decide what to share. Great contributions will be about dropshipping, online auctions, starting a dropshipping business, horrible customer service, etcetera. Anything in that vein will be gladly considered and possibly featured in the magazine at a later stage.

Who Can Contribute?

Anyone can contribute. Business owners, e-commerce experts, beginners who share their journey, and even shoppers with their horror stories are welcome. All contributions go through a quality process. This means that some stories and contributions may not make it. That shouldn’t stop willing contributors, however.

Why Contribute?

Contribute to help others and entertain. Contribute to inform and educate. Everyone has something to teach. People learn from each other’s experiences. By sharing stories and knowledge and experiences, contributors are helping others. Someone who wants to start a dropshipping business can learn from what others have done and experienced.

Contributions are reviewed and checked for quality and relevance. Successful contributors are informed and told when their stories will be published. The magazine needs to include such contributions in its planning, so it may take a few weeks. Dropship on Auction receives a lot of contributions which may further extend the date of publication.

Anyone who has something to share that is relevant to Dropship on auction and their niche should give it a shot. Send an email from the contact page and see what happens. You may be surprised.